Hello There

Pedal Powered Anthropology is an educational nonprofit working to humanize science, cultural history, and the humanities. Built on the four fields approach to anthropology, pretty much nothing is out of the scope of interest, because anthropology is kind of a ridiculously large umbrella that encompasses the sub disciplines of:

Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology 
Linguistic Anthropology

And then, of course, there is a whole lot that doesn’t quite fit, which you can find in the Anthrospinning section. All posts are automatically added to the blog feed, and so if you head there you’ll see everything that’s been posted, starting with the most recent and working backward.

Not all schools teach a four-fields approach, and my approach isn’t any more valid and I don’t pretend that four fields is a universal thing. But it’s how I’m trained, and it encompasses my interests and allows me to explore all the things without having to say I’m anything other than an anthropologist. And so here we are.