Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology is kind of overlooked as a field within anthropology. It won’t be overlooked by Everyday Anthropology, and here is where you’ll find all Anthrospin content related to linguistic anthropology.

Ye Old Yorn in Ye Side–In this point we take a look at an extinct English letter and how it’s still hiding in plain sight.

Anthrospin Language Revitalization Project —The homepage for the Language Revitalization Project, all lessons, updates, and compiled materials will be shared here.

What to do When Your Language Dies —A short post on language endangerment and the planning of the Anthrospin Language Revitalization Project.

A Wee Bit on Word Formation— A shorter episode, this video goes over several of the mechanisms by which languages can form new words. By no means comprehensive, this is intended as an introduction and a primer to get people thinking more broadly about the dynamics of language.

So it Turns Out I Speak Chinese…–After seeing a pretty transparently nonsensical article about English being a dialect of Mandarin, I explore a bit about how linguists know what they know about the history of language.

Language and Identity— This video gets a bit deeper into linguistic anthropology and discusses some of the ways languages change over time and how distant linguistic history can impact the language we use/encounter on a daily basis.

Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics— The fifth and final introduction to the four fields of anthropology, this video goes over linguistic anthropology–contextualizing it within both anthropology and linguistics.

Introduction to Anthropology –This is a video that introduces the four fields of anthropology as a whole. Pretty much the same information as the introductory article, only in video form. Much more interactive with some great background and imagery.

So…Just What is Anthropology, Anyway? –This is an article that goes over each of the four fields of anthropology. It’s general, and kind of barely scratches the surface in a lot of ways. But it’s a pretty good overview of how anthropology is approach in the United States as well as the history of the science.