Press Coverage

I never thought I’d be saying this, but every so often Everyday Anthropology gets noticed. Whether it’s venue-based promotional materials or a legitimate newspaper article, my mind is consistently blown by the support I am receiving for what I am doing.

WPRI Channel 12 Street Stories Segment— Rhode Island news station WPRI 12 ran a segment on my work cleaning cemeteries as an extension of my work researching slavery in Rhode Island. The teaser clip is viewable on the Street Stories Facebook Page.

The Standard Times Article on Rhode Island’s Industrial Revolution — A Rhode Island based newspaper with fairly widespread distribution (it has incarnations in five different counties) published a front page (!!!!!!!) article on the buzz being created around Rhode Island’s Industrial Revolution. This marks the first time this is really starting to “feel real.”

Providence Journal “To Do” Article — This is an article listing “5 Rhode Island Things to do this weekend,” and seeing my documentary screened at the Museum of Work and Culture was one of them.

Museum of Work and Culture Press Release — This is a link to the press release for the first screening of Rhode Island’s Industrial Revolution. Meaning it’s also the first time I’d seen myself referred to as a “documentary film maker,” which makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you think about it.