Here is where you will find everything Everyday Anthropology has produced on archaeology.

The World’s Oldest Instruments Are Probably Older Than You Think.–A short discussion of the Geißenklösterle flutes, and just how amazing they are.

Almost but Not Quite Crazy— a Wee Bit on Cast Iron Repair—Touching on some of the ethical considerations in artifact preservation/conservation, this post goes over cast iron repair, using my own success and failure as examples, as well as considerations to make before deciding whether or not to repair at all.

Aliens and Racists and Corn Dogs, oh my!— On the cultural demand for mysteries of the ancient world, and the insidious manufacture of pseudoarchaeological hoaxes.

The Wreck of the “Not the Gaspee”–After a kayak trip to a shipwreck in Narragansett Bay, I decided to look into what it was I had just visited. This short documentary is the result.

One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s…Afternoon Research Project–A Noxzema jar was found in the sands of a tiny island in Narragansett Bay. This is its story.

Two Centuries of Loss in One Night.–A brief response to the tragic loss of the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro

Studying Everyday Objects Anthropologically–In encouraging readers to learn to view things anthropologically, I study an instrument I bought for decoration for $3 at a yard sale.

An Introduction to Archaeology –This is a video that introduces the field of archaeology. It goes over more or less what archaeology is, and includes an interview with archaeologist Dr. Pierre Morenon from Rhode Island College. He talks about his work in the field and his perspectives on archaeology and its importance.

Introduction to Anthropology –This is a video that introduces the four fields of anthropology as a whole. Pretty much the same information as the introductory article, only in video form. Much more interactive with some great background and imagery.

So…Just What is Anthropology, Anyway? –This is an article that goes over each of the four fields of anthropology. It’s general, and kind of barely scratches the surface in a lot of ways. But it’s a pretty good overview of how anthropology is approach in the United States as well as the history of the science.

So What’s Up With That Peruvian Mummy Anyway? — A brief article about that Peruvian Alien Mummy thing that was making headlines in 2017. It mentions a few shortcomings that make it scream out “hoax!,” but in general it highlights the problematic nature of producing such hoaxes. Also Jaime Maussan is pure sewage.