Everyday Anthropology does 99% of research, video recording/audio recording/photography, interviews, and general getting around via bicycle. Cycling is a huge part of what makes Anthrospin tick, and both the perspective of the content as well as the logistical planning are shaped by cycling.

It’s also an incredibly accessible and empowering method of transportation.

Here is where everything directly related to cycling will be archived. What bike bits I find helpful (or not) for film making. My videography kit. How I transport it. All of that. And stuff about bike repairs, maintenance, cold weather gear. All that.

Where Do We Go From Here?—The first semi-annual update for 2021. Here I discuss challenges and developments in navigating research projects in the late-stage COVID era.

Much Ado About Digitization—A brief post about copyright, fair use, and public domain when it comes to historical research and documentary production.

Pedal for Pongo Webisodes!

The entire documentary Pedal for Pongo has been broken apart into four episodes which are available to stream for free on Youtube. Of course, I’d still love you forever if you bought a copy on DVD from the Pedal Powered Anthropology Web Store, but I’m not going to sell your kidney on the black market if you don’t.

Anthrospin’s Gear Breakdown– This is a series of two videos that go over each piece of kit that I regularly use in all of my projects. The first one talks about Pedal Powered Anthropology’s philosophy of using equipment that regular humans can afford, and then talks about the different recorders and microphones I use for different situations.

Part two talks about the different cameras and lenses that I use and then goes into detail about my lighting kit and what’s worked, not worked, and more importantly, why.

These aren’t tech reviews! I don’t go into sensor size or any of that jargony stuff. I go over each piece of gear and talk about why I got it and why it’s tailored to what I come up against and show real examples of each, because I want you to be able to do this stuff, too!

Pedal for Pongo!–This is the entire trip blog for Pedal for Pongo, Anthrospin’s 2019 bicycle tour to benefit Orangutan Outreach and most comprehensive documentary project to date.

Seeing Culture from the Saddle of a Bicycle–Looking at my own hobbies and lifestyle, I illustrate the ways we can see patterns of cultural influence in everyday experiences.

Getting Spinning: A How-To Guide— A basic guide for the individual interested in cycling, with a bias towards versatility.

Anthrospin’s Videography Kit part 2–This post details the development of my equipment since Rhode Island’s Industrial Revolution, which taught me a lot about the do’s and don’t’s of film making and what I needed moving forward.

#Impostersyndromesoreal–On imposter syndrome and the difficulties of creativity in a culture that worships celebrity.

Well…this isn’t at all what I expected.— I go over my expectations going into Pedal Powered Anthropology with a background in scientific research, versus the realities of historical research for documentary film making. And what documentary film making entails when you’re a One Man Band.

What’s in a Name?— A brief post about my history as a cyclist, how that perspective helped form Pedal Powered Anthropology, and why the “Pedal Powered” bit has to be there at all.

Anthrospin’s Videography Kit part 1— This blog takes you from the origins of Anthrospin, through the publishing of my first DVD, detailing how my videography kit started and evolved, and what I used for which projects, including the drawbacks of each incarnation.