Meet the Board

Joseph LyonWurm is the founder of Everyday Anthropology as well as the Executive Director of the Board, the Treasurer, and the Public Anthropologist behind the majority of what is produced by Everyday Anthropology. If something is tied to Everyday Anthropology, Joe has had a direct role in its existence.

Julie LyonWurm is a Director of the Board as well as the Secretary of the Board. Julie has been involved–both directly and indirectly–with just about everything produced by Everyday Anthropology. She has been to close to every (if not every) screening and talk, been the face behind the camera, a part of production, and even built a touring bike and rode the entirety of Pedal for Pongo. Everyday Anthropology does not exist without Julie’s input, advice, and participation.

Sarah Hlubik is a Director of the Board as well as a seasoned Paleoanthropologist and Postdoctoral Researcher with Rutgers University and The George Washington University’s Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology. Sarah joined the Board in 2023, bringing with her years of grant writing experience and connections within the world of academic funding that will help Everyday Anthropology realize its mission on a scale never before dreamed of. She also has a cameo in Pedal for Pongo.

Robert Winn is a Director of the Board and has also served as a behind-the-scenes advisor to Joe and Anthrospin since its founding in 2017. Rob has extensive experience in cycling and bicycle touring, both of which are integral to the function and philosophy of Everyday Anthropology. Officially joining the board in 2023, Rob’s advice and perspectives combined with his grant writing experience make him an invaluable asset to the organization.

Board meetings are held quarterly in January, April, August, and November. They are typically done remotely as it doesn’t really make sense for people to fly all over the country for a one hour meeting. The last board meeting was held on Saturday, April 8, 2023. The next meeting will be held in the first week of August, 2023, though the date will be announced some time in July.

If you’d like to sit in on a meeting, please get in touch at . All meetings and minutes are publicly available and minutes of previous meetings are added once compiled. Direct links can be found below.

August 1, 2020

November 28, 2020