Barstow Stove Company 1867 Catalog

Barstow Stove Company 1867 Catalog

I have a degree in anthropology from Rhode Island College. My focus was in biological anthropology but I also have a broad interest in cultural anthropology, archaeology and linguistic anthropology. Pedal Powered Anthropology is an anthropological educational initiative that seeks to bring profound travel experiences to a local level while encouraging others to get out and explore the world around them. This blog details all aspects of my work as Anthrospin, including my take on topics within four fields anthropology as well as bits about a lot of different aspects of culture, primarily race, gender, privilege, the environment and my own personal relationship with anxiety.

2 comments on “Barstow Stove Company 1867 Catalog

  1. Erik Lane

    Thanks for making this catalog viewable in a digital format. I believe I have a bail griddle from this company but it’s a size 16″. Any information would be greatly appreciated


    • Hi! If it is not marked by Barstow I don’t believe it would be them. I have also seen several years of their catalogs and holloware offerings and haven’t seen a size above 14″. Is it marked in any way? Their bailed griddles also have fixed handles that cannot pivot but that was a common design for most of the 19th century and quite a bit into the 20th as well


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