Much Ado About Digitization

I’ve been doing a lot of research remotely over the last several years. Libraries, museums, historical societies, and even some historically-minded Facebook groups have done fantastic jobs of digitizing documents for immediate access from literally anywhere. Of course, digital collections have a long way to go—often times tiny fractions of collections have made it onto … Continue reading Much Ado About Digitization

Rhode Island’s Industrial Revolution

This article is more or less the written account of my documentary film entitled Rhode Island's Industrial Revolution: The Rise and Fall of an Empire. So if you've seen that and aren't much of a reader, there's not a whole lot of new information here.

However, there is a bit more discussion about things that would have been rambling in the film. There are also images that you can look at at your own pace, rather than how I decided you get to see them in the film. All of my research references will be provided through links at the bottom of this article.