An Evening with Eva Kor

I had heard of Eva Kor a few years earlier in her documentary entitled, "Forgiving Dr. Mengele," which, if you're aware of who Dr. Mengele was, is a pretty audacious title. Dr. Mengele was the infamous Nazi doctor of Auschwitz concentration/death camp during the Holocaust. His name rose to prominence because of the grotesque experiments he would perform on the prisoners at the camp. His favorite subject was twins. He is also known as the Angel of Death.

Rhode Island’s Industrial Revolution

This article is more or less the written account of my documentary film entitled Rhode Island's Industrial Revolution: The Rise and Fall of an Empire. So if you've seen that and aren't much of a reader, there's not a whole lot of new information here. However, there is a bit more discussion about things that would have been rambling in the film. There are also images that you can look at at your own pace, rather than how I decided you get to see them in the film. All of my research references will be provided through links at the bottom of this article.

That Time I Got to See Jane Goodall

  Sitting in a pretty packed auditorium, I reflected on the last couple of days. Some rather fortuitous Facebook browsing combined with the generosity of my old department chair/honors advisor, Mary Baker, as well as some of her colleagues who managed to get ahold of tickets before they were openly available to the public had … Continue reading That Time I Got to See Jane Goodall

So What’s Up With That Peruvian Mummy Anyway?

So part of the Pedal Powered Anthropology project is to help laypeople better understand science. Particularly anthropology and its subfields, but since anthropology can conceivably cover anything ever, it's all fair game as far as I'm concerned. So let's start now. Hoaxes and pseudoscience aren't unfamiliar topics, and I'm pretty confident that anyone who finds … Continue reading So What’s Up With That Peruvian Mummy Anyway?