About Everyday Anthropology

There is a pretty solid disconnect between what it is that anthropologists and scientists are up to, and what information gets to the average layperson. What’s presented in media is distilled and distilled again, with an attention-grabbing headline slapped on top. By the time it gets to your eyes, critical information may be slightly incorrect or left out altogether.

Everyday Anthropology (Anthrospin) is an educational nonprofit dedicated to humanizing science, cultural exploration, and the humanities. Founded in 2017, Anthrospin tries to bridge that gap through primary source research, expert interviews, and generally keeping on top of dynamic fields in science and the humanities to create exciting and engaging content that is digestible by the average non-specialist while remaining true to the original content and message.

Beyond that, Anthrospin is building a network of anthropologists and researchers who can connect one another (students included) to research and professional resources in a more direct way than before. In short, Anthrospin is trying to make anthropology an obvious field, whether you’re a burgeoning anthropologist trying to make sense of a challenging and competitive field (or plethora of fields, as it were), or someone completely removed from the professional aspects of the field who is just looking to understand a bit more about their kid’s primatology assignment.

Eventually, Anthrospin hopes to offer professional assistance in the way of scholarships and paid internships, that way the future of the field is paved a bit more smoothly for those passionate enough to pursue it.