About Anthrospin

Pedal Powered Anthropology is an educational nonprofit dedicated to humanizing science, cultural exploration, and the humanities. Whether written, photographer, or on video, Anthrospin is connecting people the rich cultural histories underlying sometimes everyday places and objects.

Beyond that, though, Anthrospin has begun to come into its own as a unique and dynamic source of engaging and educational content.

Going forward it seeks to provide funding to undergraduate students in anthropology to help offset the cost of their first field experiences. I know from my own experience that coming up with close to $10,000 for a field school that requires taking off of work for 3 months is NOT an easy feat to pull off.

In essence, the idea is to provide financing to students to be able to get their first field experience in exchange for creating content for Pedal Powered Anthropology. Content will be tailored to the strength of the student (written, photographic, documentary video, etc) and give students access to the pretty vast network of anthropologists, historians, museums, zoos, and colleges/universities with whom Anthrospin has worked in some capacity. Blunting the financial burden of obtaining field experience while establishing professional relationships is critical to the success of students facing enormous educational costs as it is.