Around the World in 30 Breads


Around the world and throughout time, bread has bound both communities and meals through it’s unique place as a staple food and shareable, versatile, and universally delicious sauce mop.

Starting (and maybe even finishing!) in 2020, Pedal Powered Anthropology invites you on a journey around the world by exploring traditional breads and their cultural significance.

I’ve chosen 30 different breads and will tell their stories–contextualizing them within their cultures and exploring their histories. Through them, we’ll learn about the importance of culinary traditions in binding communities, about how ideas are shared and transmitted across regions and throughout time, and also…we’ll learn some awesome recipes and baking techniques along the way.

Production will start by the end of 2019, and the first episodes should start being released by March, 2020. So keep your eyes on this page and definitely sign up for the mailing list below.

I’m not gonna get into too much detail about how things are going to work, if only because so much of it is still in the planning stages. But anticipate it being half cooking show, half documentary. And beyond that, I’m comfortable listing the first five episodes now:

  1. Johnnycakes–New England original with roots in the Colonial Era

    Now in post-production, episode one will be premiering in either the second half of February or first half of March, 2020. 

  2. Frybread–Native American staple, surrounded in controversy
  3. Acorn Bread–A true Native American bread from before Europeans showed up
  4. Tortilla–A native flatbread of Mesoamerica, and honestly the only bread I cannot live without.
  5. Naan–Staple of Western/Central/Southern Asian, Burmese, and Carribean cuisines, naan has roots in the Fertile Crescent

I’m very excited for this project and hope to get a lot of different people on board. Once production starts, updates will be happening very frequently. Subscribing to the mailing list and keeping an eye on the Facebook page are the best ways to know everything I’m up to.

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