I haven’t gone anywhere!!

Not yet, anyway. My sporadic content of the COVID era was initially due to revamping how I would approach things in this crazy new world. But big projects were always in the works, even if research was all but impossible. Things are a little different this time.

We have signed a lease on an apartment in Leipzig, Germany, and will be moving next July. Also we are expecting a really small human to show up at the end of December. So, a lot has been going on. Planning the move itself has been a fun exercise in logistics. Prepping the house for a baby has meshed nicely with prepping the house for sale, with the one exception that we are moving overseas and so pretty much all of our possessions except for our bikes, musical instruments, most of our wardrobe, and our small (USB chargeable only!) electronics have to go. So that’s been a blast.

I’ve been feeling the absence of anthropology in my life though, and have a couple projects to work on in the coming months. One of em  is a short documentary on William Blackstone, one of the early settlers of Rhode Island who really needs to be better known. 

There is a whole library of blog posts to be written and posted, and several small and large video projects that need to be edited and cleaned up, to hopefully be published before the move.

So while I am sorry for essentially ghosting, this move is going to make so much more possible for Pedal Powered Anthropology. Having all of Europe and then some accessible on a long weekend trip by train is going to provide oodles of content. Not to mention…Leipzig was founded as a fishing village some time around 800. It’s first mention in writing was in 1015. 

There will be so much to create without ever leaving home.

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