A brief update on Scrimshaw

I’ve been away from Scrimshaw for quite a bit while focusing on Pedal for Pongo. As that project comes to a close and my focus turns back to Scrimshaw, I’ve decided to include a teaser trailer on the Pedal for Pongo dvd.

It brought a few things to mind. The first is that I have a real, reeeeeal lot of material filmed, drafted, and photographed for this project.

The second is that the two interviews I’ve conducted are awesome and having spent some time away from them has me coming back with fresh eyes and wow. Pedal Powered Anthropology has brought me in touch with some really passionately brilliant individuals.

The third is that this is an incredibly complex project that will require all the skills I’ve built up over the last few years. The “past meets present” aspects of Rhode Island’s Industrial Revolution is loudly apparent in everything I’ve done with this project.

Parsing out the role of socioeconomic privilege in prioritizing issues that don’t immediately impact you is a major theme of Pedal for Pongo, and one that is clear in all my research for Scrimshaw so far, even though I didn’t quite expect it.

Also, my comfort networking and interviewing people has been honed in everything I’ve done so far. Even episodes and blog entries.

Lastly, this trailer for me marks a turning point in my abilities as a film maker. I’m going for specific things and feel like they come across. This is one of the few videos that I feel is exactly as I’ve intended it—for better or worse.

It’s available to view for Patreon patrons who contribute $5 or more per month to Pedal Powered Anthropology. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for the Pedal for Pongo dvd release or future teasers and trailers for Scrimshaw.

I love the excitement I feel doing this kind of work and I really think that’s starting to show in the finished products.

I hope you all agree.

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