What to Expect for the Tail End of 2017

Somehow we’re almost done with 2017. As the year comes to a close and Pedal Powered Anthropology approaches the 6 month mark, I want to share what I’d like to accomplish by the end of the year, as well as what you all can expect going into 2018.

Obviously I intend to build my audience base as much as possible. I hope for your help with that! Liking and sharing, commenting and generally interacting with my posts and content is what I’m going for. I’m trying to reach as many people as possible and get them engaged in research and interested in their surroundings. The comments and suggestions I’ve gotten thus far have been invaluable, so thank you and keep it up!

As far as my side of things:

First is the Industrial Revolution/textile mill project. What started off as what I thought would be a 15-20 minute video on a major labor strike in 1922 has grown into a incredibly comprehensive project that I’m now considering separating into a two-part documentary because it’s looking at being close to an hour, if not longer.

This is my first priority, not just because of the amount of effort I’ve sunk into it, but also because it’s the largest solo project I’ve ever undertaken, so completing it will be kind of a big deal. It’s not just going to be the video though.

In addition to the video, I’m going to put together a huge blog entry that more or less follows the narration, but that goes a bit more into detail about certain things in ways that would feel rambling and boring on a video (it’s a documentary, not a lecture).

I’ve also taken probably between 3-400 pictures and video clips for this project. Some are trash, some are great, some I’ve used, but most I haven’t. All of the decent images that aren’t essentially doubles are going to be shared on my Facebook in one giant image dump into the Rhode Island Industrialization folder. I’ll caption them as best as I can whenever I have time for it.

Lastly, I want Pedal Powered Anthropology to be as interactive as possible. With that in mind and partially by suggestion/request, I’m going to be including a GPS file and cue sheet (list O directions) for this project.

It’s going to be cycling-centric, and will link together most of the major mills talked about in my documentary, as well as several related points of interest along the way. With enough people interested, I would consider doing tours of the mills and surrounding area as the relate to the Industrial Revolution and labor history in America.


Pedal Powered Anthropology is about all aspects of anthropology, and more broadly about science and academia in general. With that in mind I’m going to be putting together 5 short (ish) videos. One that goes over Anthropology as a science very broadly and basically. And then one video each for each of the four fields that make up Anthropology (biological anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology).

I’ll also be posting a blog that goes over all five videos in a bit more detail.

Third!!! This then/now image project is getting really cool. I want to better organize it and also expand it to other areas. Because it’s awesome and makes it really easy to relate to the history that surrounds us.

Fourth!! I want to have made at least one guest speaking appearance. I say at least one, because one is definitely gonna happen. Basically I want that to go well enough that I’m either a. Invited back, or b. Referred along (or both!)

Fifth!! I want at least one of my national park collaborations to be closer to coming to fruition. I’ve been in touch with all three of the parks who initially expressed interest, so with any luck that’ll be moving along soonly.

Sixth!!! I will begin organizing my next solo project. This one is goong to be on Rhode Island’s role in the Atlantic slave trade, and is going to be (I think) considerably bigger than the mill project.

I don’t expect to be actively working on it until spring (unless we have a super mild winter), but I plan on being well into research and general outlining by the end of this year.

Seventh! I gotta diversify my content. It’s been mostly about United States/ Rhode Island history. I will be writing at least one blog entry that relates to each of the four fields of anthropology. Separate from the introductory posts.

Which leads me to my last bit,

Eighth!!! I’m going to be branching out more in my videos/in general, as far as topics go. I want to have more varied content, get some volunteer work in (looking at you, Nathanael Greene Homestead), and stuff that’s shorter and more easily digested. I’ll continue to improve my videography skills, but I want it to feel kind of raw and like anyone can do it. But I want that raw feel to be intentional, rather than inevitable.

That all said! Keep spreading the word and chiming in as you all have been!

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