Welcome to the Pedal Powdered Antropolgy blog!

Pedal Powdered Anthropology is a multifaceted project that aims to bring profound travel experiences to a local level while simultaneously making science and academia more relatable. I am presently based in Rhode Island, so most of my projects will focus on this state and the overall New England region. At first, anyway.

Exploring local and regional landmarks that have a rich history and have had intersectional cultural impact will hopefully help people to view the seemingly mundane in a more moving and emotional light.

Interviews with local experts will show the accessibility of academia to laypeople, as well as show the experts themselves as just regular people who are super into the composition of rocks, invasive molluscs, or 18th/19th Century slave resistance in the United States, instead of say, sports statistics or politics. Not more or less intelligent, just differently captivated.

There are (or will be, at this stage of things…) a few levels to this. The first is this blog. Here is where any articles I write up or studies I feel compelled to share or respond to can be found along with any of the longer videos I record. There is also an Instagram feed (@anthrospin) where the sort of “roadside attraction” type local stuff can be found with short write ups about how awesome they are. Shorter video clips and condensed versions of the longer ones can also be found there.

There will be a YouTube channel (also @anthrospin), but all the content I share there will find its way here anyway.

Eventually the videos will be a part of larger projects that will be more along the lines of documentary episodes or installments that deeply expand on local cultural history and development, complete with interviews of local experts.

And this is all going to be done on bicycle, both because it’s how I get around in the first place, but also because your outlook is different from the saddle of a bicycle than it is from the seat of a car. Everything affects you more deeply and more immediately, and that’s the core of this project in a nutshell.

Finally, all of the above stuff will be found on the Facebook page, as will any other developments and immediate interaction.
Hope you enjoy!

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